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    The difference between sound and speaker


    Now people not only pay attention to the visual effect in watching movies or playing games, but also pay attention to the sound effect when they listen to music. Having a good speaker is a step in the pursuit of good sound quality. How to choose speakers? What kinds of speakers are there? How to use and maintain speakers? Let's have a look.
    Brief introduction of speakers
    What is a speaker
    There are many kinds of speakers on the market, but no matter which one, it is composed of two basic parts, the speaker unit (the term is speaker unit) and the box. In addition, most speakers use at least two or more speaker units to implement the so-called multi-channel division playback, so the frequency divider is also an essential part. Of course, there may also be sound-absorbing cotton, inverted phase pipe, folded "labyrinth pipe", stiffener / reinforced partition and other parts in the speaker, but these parts are not indispensable for any speaker. The most basic elements of the speaker are only three parts: speaker unit, box and frequency divider.
    The difference between speaker and sound
    The speaker is the terminal of the whole sound system. Its function is to convert the audio electric energy into the corresponding sound energy and radiate it to the space.
    It is an extremely important part of the sound system, because it is responsible for the key task of transforming electrical signals into acoustic signals for people's ears to listen directly. It has to deal with people's hearing directly, and people's hearing is very sensitive, and has a strong ability to distinguish the timbre of complex sound.
    The role of speakers
    Function of the sound box
    Here the loudspeaker is the sound source. The sound wave it sends out resonates with the resonance of the speaker, and the sound is strengthened.
    Solve the problem of acoustic short circuit
    If the speaker is placed in the speaker, the low-frequency sound wave will radiate out more effectively and give full play to the performance of the bass speaker.
    Improving sound quality
    Scientific design of the volume and shape of the speaker can reduce or prevent the generation of standing wave, reduce the distortion of sound and improve the sound quality.
    Speaker classification
    1. According to the use occasions, it can be divided into professional speakers and home speakers.
    2. According to the audio rate: it can be divided into full band speaker, bass speaker and subwoofer.
    3. According to the purpose, it can be divided into main playback speaker, monitoring speaker and back listening speaker.
    4. According to the box structure, it can be divided into sealed speaker, inverted speaker, labyrinth speaker, acoustic tube speaker and multi cavity resonant speaker.
    Bluetooth Speaker
    Bluetooth speaker is to apply Bluetooth technology to traditional digital and multimedia speakers, so that users can freely listen to music in various ways without annoying wires.
    Computer speakers
    The computer speakers are divided into the integrated portable computer speakers, which are single box; the split computer speakers, which are composed of multiple boxes. Computer speakers, as the name implies, are used to connect computers.
    How to buy speakers
    1. Relationship between listening space and rated adequacy of speakers
    Before you buy a speaker, you can consult the business, and calculate the power of the speaker according to the size of your space, your listening requirements, the decoration characteristics of the space and other factors.
    2. Speaker size and structure
    The size of the box should be coordinated with the space and your aesthetic interest. If you like a smaller box, pay attention to the structure of the speaker.  Different structure, different style and different efficiency.
    3. Sound quality effect
    The sound quality of the speaker is the primary consideration, which can be said to be the most important. When purchasing, choose a speaker with wide frequency response, moderate power, impedance standard, large dynamic range, heavy and solid box, strong analytical force and high fidelity. [details]
    4. Power of power amplifier
    When choosing a speaker, the impedance of the matching power amplifier should be the same as that of the speaker, and the rated power of the power amplifier should be 1.5-2 times the power of the speaker.
    5. Speaker cable
    The speaker cable connects the amplifier and the speaker. It is more suitable for the multi strand anaerobic copper fever line with a sectional area of about 2.5-5 mm2