Experts in punching technology of luggage pull rod————————
   Guangzhou yinggute Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional R & D and manufacturing company of intelligent equipment for luggage and trolley automation. It has obtained 3 invention patents and more than 10 utility model patents and appearance patents authorized by the state.
   Yingut's revolutionary fully automatic rod pipe punching equipment is suitable for punching production of luggage rod pipe, film and television equipment, furniture pipe, handicraft wind horn pipe, LED lamp bracket pipe, expansion rod pipe and other strip pipe products. It is applicable to any special-shaped aluminum tube and iron tube punching, buckle convex concave hole, adjustable stop hole, sheath hole, nail hole, rubber plug hole, etc.
   Yingut intelligent punching equipment provides a professional automatic production solution in the luggage pull rod industry, which changes the traditional manual punch production mode, eliminates the danger of manual punching, and improves the production efficiency. Yingut intelligent punching equipment, the core technology of which is to complete all processing processes automatically and continuously at one time, intelligent touch screen control, no manual feeding, safe and stable full-automatic punching, accurate size hole spacing, reduce pipe loss, reduce labor, and improve production. The investment cost will be recovered in half a year to create immeasurable economic value for users.